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TNI and sustainability

Sustainability is at the top of the agenda of most companies these days. At Terra Natura International (TNI) we want to contribute to making the future more sustainable through the manner in which we approach the planet, products, and people.

We cultivate sustainably by reusing water, using biological crop protection, and through initiatives such as using geothermal energy as an alternative for fossil fuel. And that which we grow, we package sustainably by using rPET instead of OPS.

When it comes to products, we focus on true cost accounting, food waste, nutrients, and healthy nutrition. Food Fellows is our solution to ensure that nothing that we produce is wasted by turning unused products into healthy soups and sauces. Snijpunt also contributes to a sustainable world by processing products into cut and ready-to-use semi-finished products. This guarantees that nothing grown by our growers is wasted.

Fair labour, feeding the world, and attention for diet and diseases of affluence are the pillars that support our approach to people. In North Africa, our growers grow according to Fairtrade principles and Dutch quality standards, through which we contribute to the development of people, the regions in which they live, and local society. A little closer to home, our own employment agency always guarantees good housing, salaries, transport, and working conditions for our temporary employees.

If you’d like to find out more about our sustainability initiatives, contact your account manager.