Terra Natura International

Terra Natura International

TNI wants to make top-quality vegetables available to everyone and encourage people to eat more vegetables. After all, we know that a healthy diet is the foundation of a healthy life with a variety of delicious vegetables every day. We are Terra Natura International, Europe’s salads specialist founded for and by growers.   

TNI is the connecting link between partners: growers and retailers. We ensure that our products reach consumers throughout Europe straight from the source. Thanks to smart supply-chain solutions, our products are fresher than fresh. We don’t just supply today’s fresh vegetables; we go a step further. We wholeheartedly support our partners.   

Our growers at Harvest House are at the heart of our delicious salads. Their knowledge, expertise, and passion produce the very best products. We share our in-depth knowledge about our salads with our European retailers. We gather and analyse trends and insights and turn them into innovative concepts together with our partners. These concepts contribute to the expansion of our shelf range and, above all, to a healthy lifestyle.

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Bringing growers and retailers together

In 2005, renowned growers of salads founded Terra Natura International (TNI) with the goal of forming a short link with European retailers. This way, we make sure products arrive fresher than fresh on shelves every day. TNI is the connecting link between growers and retailers and brings them together. With this TNI distinguishes itself from conventional exporters.

Focus makes TNI highly effective

And this continues to work perfectly. Our focus is to supply European retailers with the salads tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, and aubergines. We offer salads straight from the source. We share our in-depth knowledge about our salads with our European retailers. We respond quickly and efficiently to the wishes of each client, in terms of products, concepts, packaging, and logistics, working extensively with our partners. 

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