At the heart of our partners

Terra Natura International (TNI) stands shoulder to shoulder with renowned growers and packers. This close relationship with our partners is our distinctive strength. By keeping the lines of communication short, retailers throughout Europe can count on top-quality salads delivered directly from the source, with ultimate freshness, year-round.

Meet the grower

We are proud of our growers who are at the forefront of Dutch greenhouse horticulture. With their knowledge, expertise, and passion, they produce the very best products. Meet our growers.

Partners in packaging

Thanks to the streamlined process of our professional packers, the tasty tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, and aubergines all have their own tailor-made packaging.

Harvest House

An international association of passionate growers. 

Harvest House believes that everyone in the world must have acces to healthy, nutritious and delicious food. Covering an area of more than 1,000 hectares, it is the largest growers’ association for the salads tomatoes, sweet peppers, and cucumbers. With growing areas in Westland, Oostland, the Wieringermeer polder, and Zeeland, our growers are located throughout the Netherlands and even beyond, in countries like Tunisia, Morocco, and Portugal.
Harvest House gets things done. They do things right, do things with no ifs or buts, do things our way, and do things together. With growers, TNI, packaging companies, and our retail partners. Together, we can achieve more. In this way, we will create a good chain that is relevant in the world and ensures the success of all parties involved.