At the heart of sustainability

At Terra Natura International (TNI), we have a passion for sustainable entrepreneurship. It is in our DNA. We see world population growth, climate change, and consumers being more aware of what they eat. As a division of Harvest House – the largest association of growers of salads – TNI can make a difference by offering sustainably produced vegetables, by not letting anything go to waste, and through smart packaging.

Maximising biological crop protection. Sustainability starts at the source!

Our growers use almost 3.5 times less water than their European counterparts,

Sustainable energy: geothermal heat instead of natural gas.

Less food waste Why waste great taste?

A step forward in sustainable packaging with rPET

TNI wants to make an active contribution to making the world a better place.

The first Fairtrade tomato grower in the world.

Do you have a heart for sustainably grown vegetables?