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The Tomato Guide: helping consumers make the right choice

One tomato is not the same as another tomato. Yet, research has shown that consumers are not aware of the differences between tomatoes, so they don’t know which tomato is best for which purpose. Each dish or use requires a different type of tomato; some dishes ask for very juicy tomatoes while others might need fleshier ones.

The Tomato Guide offers consumer a division of tomatoes categorised according to each particular use. The guide is divided into six different categories: stir-frying and frying, soups and sauces, oven and grill, snacks, salads, and breads. If you need tomatoes for an oven dish or to grill, then the Tomato Guide will recommend the Monterosa tomato or cherry plum vine tomato. These are sturdy tomatoes that keep their shape when baked or grilled. We also recommend extending the Tomato Guide to the fruit and vegetable section by displaying all varieties together (such as all salads organised together) with signs placed above describing how to use them.