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Maurice Weijs

Maurice Weijs (Van Kester-Weijs bv): ‘Monterosa not only looks great but it also has a beautiful balance of sweet and sour flavours.’

‘Last year Monterosa managed to mesmerise us, because this single tomato combines the best of two worlds: the Girona pear tomato and the Costoluto Genoveso tomato. This combination imbues the Monterosa with a traditional, sweet flavour while also attaining the perfect balance between sweet and sour. Monterosa is a spicy tomato with an intense aroma and a lot of flesh. It has a classic tomato look and, once ripened, it becomes a rich and intense shade of pink. It is the shape, flavour, and possibilities for use that make this tomato so unique.’

Van Kester-Weijs is now growing this tomato for the second year. ‘This hasn’t been an easy task, as you can’t grow this tomato too quickly while it also has to be cultivated in the coolest possible conditions. But we are not afraid of taking on this challenge, as this tomato is a valuable addition to the current range. I can certainly recommend that you try the Monterosa for yourself. The beautiful Mediterranean flavour dominates whether served hot or cold, allowing tomato-lovers to prepare it any way they like! The Monterosa looks especially appetising when cut into slices or filled.’