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Concepts: Enjoya


Peppers originate from the tropics, where many varieties naturally occur. All peppers start out green and change colour when ripening. Which colour they become depends on the variety.

Originally only yellow, green, and red peppers were cultivated in the Netherlands. A pepper plant bearing orange fruit was found in a greenhouse in the 1980s, and ever since the orange-coloured variety has been grown in the Netherlands. This orange pepper emerged by chance, as naturally occurring varieties do.

Thirty years later, nature has surprised us with another chance variety; the red and yellow striped pepper. In 2013, Wilfred van den Berg discovered this beautiful variety in his greenhouse in Est. The past few years have been spent researching how to ensure optimal growth conditions for this beautiful pepper. Several growers pooled their resources and knowledge in pursuit of discovering the optimal growth conditions for this special pepper, and with great success, as this beautiful and unique pepper is now available, sold under the brand name Enjoya. The Enjoya has a delicious, aromatic taste, is pleasantly crunchy, and is packed with vitamin C. Try the Enjoya now - you’ll be amazed by its beautiful appearance and delicious flavour!