TNI | Terra Natura International

Terra Natura International

Terra Natura International differentiates itself from other internationals in the vegetable chain in several respects. The most important characteristic is the direct link with growers of tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, and aubergines.TNI was launched by growers with the aim of shortening the chain by establishing a direct link between growers and end customers.This close cooperation with growers and the focus on the specific product group of vegetables make TNI a highly efficient and decisive company.

From cultivation to retail

The vast majority of Dutch salads are sold through European retail. As a leading chain player, TNI primarily focuses on supermarket organizations in Europe. In order to supply the other markets with quality vegetables of uniform quality all year round too, TNI works together with its sister company Global Green Team. Click here for the Global Green Team website.This young, globally-operating trading company is also characterized by its close contact with producers and focus on salads.

Knowledge of the chain is important within TNI. This is also reflected in the employees, who have extensive experience within their field.The departments of quality, commerce, logistics, marketing, and finance put the company’s objectives into practice every day.