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TNI | Terra Natura International

Our range

Year-round top quality salads, direct from the source. That’s what Terra Natura International (TNI) stands for. The salad growers of Harvest House supply the most delicious tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, courgettes and aubergines. In many types and varieties. Tailored for the European retail market.

Further innovation every day

This extensive range is certainly not in a rut. The innovative growers of Harvest House test new types and varieties every year. The growers and TNI are keen to discuss the market opportunities for these new products around a table with retailers. Many varieties are also increasingly available all year round. Our growers namely produce in southern cultivation areas and under artificial light.

Impressive land area

Our 69 growers have a combined land area of almost 900 hectares. Tomatoes are grown on 384 hectares (270 ha on a year-round basis), sweet peppers on 481 hectares and cucumbers on 24 hectares.

The juiciest tomatoes


The tomato is one of the Netherlands’ most popular vegetables and is eaten daily by many consumers.

The era in which only three types of tomatoes were available in the shops is confined to the distant past.As a result of the increased popularity of tomatoes among consumers, the range on offer has also grown.The characteristics of the different types vary - from small, sweet mini vine tomatoes to large, firm beef tomatoes.TNI offersthe broadest possible range, of which a large part is in fact available year-round.

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The tastiest sweet peppers

Sweet pepper

Sweet peppers are not only deliciously crunchy and sweet, they are also very healthy.

They are packed with fibre and contain very few calories.In addition, the sweet pepper is a natural source of vitamins.The best-known sweet peppers are the bell peppers, but sweet mini peppers are also gaining in popularity.

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The best cucumbers


Cucumbers contain a lot of fibre and nutrients.

The cucumber is a long fruit with a crunchy, dark green skin. It contains very few calories and is known as an ideal thirst-quencher.

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The tastiest aubergines


The aubergine is known for its fleshy structure and deep purple colour.

Unlike TNI’s other vegetables, this one cannot be eaten raw.On the other hand, the aubergine is excellentin stir-fries and oven dishes.

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Courgettes are attractive, elongated fruits with a smooth skin. The colour ranges from creamy-white or yellow to pale speckled green or dark green. The most common colour is a slightly speckled green. Courgettes have a fresh, neutral flavour and firm flesh.

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