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TNIl was created at the initiative of a leading group of greenhouse vegetable growers- producers of tomatoes and sweet peppers, vegetablesthat are among the Netherlands’ most important export products.In order to offer European retail a complete range of vegetables, growers of cucumber and aubergine have been added to the group of producers.

The tomato and sweet pepper product groups embrace a very broad range.Tomatoes, in particular, are available almost literally in all varieties and sizes these days, and in many different colours too.The introduction of the vine tomato in the 1990s paved the way for a highly varied range.Tomatoes are available in different flavours and for a broad spectrum of applications, from healthy snacks to bases for soups and from fresh sandwich fillings to tasty additions to salads.

There is more variety in sweet peppers than many consumers realize.Alongside the characteristic green pepper there are the full-flavoured red variety and the sweet yellow and orange pepper. Sweet peppers also make great healthy snacks.This is particularly true of the orange mini pointed sweet pepper, which is virtually seed-free and can therefore easily be eaten as ‘finger food’.

The Harvest House growers have been responsible for many product innovations. Thanks to their eye for innovation and knack of seizing market opportunities, therange is continually being augmented with new types and varieties.That entrepreneurial spirit and desire to innovate help to explain why many of the vegetables in the TNI range are available all year round. This is partly achieved through cultivation projects in sunny, southern regions but primarily through the introduction and perfectionof greenhouse horticulture under artificial light.The Harvest House growers have played a crucial role in the development of cultivation under assimilation lighting.

The area of greenhouse vegetables under cultivation by the TNI growing partners consists of:
- 344 hectares of tomatoes, of which 270 hectares are in year-round production
- 438 hectares of sweet peppers
- 15 hectares of cucumbers

The juiciest tomatoes


The tomato is one of the Netherlands’ most popular vegetables and is eaten daily by many consumers.

The era in which only three types of tomatoes were available in the shops is confined to the distant past.As a result of the increased popularity of tomatoes among consumers, the range on offer has also grown.The characteristics of the different types vary - from small, sweet mini vine tomatoes to large, firm beef tomatoes.TNI offersthe broadest possible range, of which a large part is in fact available year-round.

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The tastiest sweet peppers

Sweet pepper

Sweet peppers are not only deliciously crunchy and sweet, they are also very healthy.

They are packed with fibre and contain very few calories.In addition, the sweet pepper is a natural source of vitamins.The best-known sweet peppers are the bell peppers, but sweet mini peppers are also gaining in popularity.

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The best cucumbers


Cucumbers contain a lot of fibre and nutrients.

The cucumber is a long fruit with a crunchy, dark green skin. It contains very few calories and is known as an ideal thirst-quencher.

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The tastiest aubergines


The aubergine is known for its fleshy structure and deep purple colour.

Unlike TNI’s other vegetables, this one cannot be eaten raw.On the other hand, the aubergine is excellentin stir-fries and oven dishes.

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Courgettes are attractive, elongated fruits with a smooth skin. The colour ranges from creamy-white or yellow to pale speckled green or dark green. The most common colour is a slightly speckled green. Courgettes have a fresh, neutral flavour and firm flesh.

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