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At Terra Natura International (TNI), we have a passion for sustainable entrepreneurship. It is in our DNA. We see world population growth, climate change and consumers being more aware of what they eat. As a division of Harvest House – the largest association of salad growers – TNI can make a difference, by offering consumers delicious and sustainably produced vegetables.

Maximum organic cultivation

Sustainability begins at the source, namely the 69 affiliate growers. All of our growers use natural crop protection and keep the use of chemical agents to a minimum.

Minimum water and energy

Growers also reuse as much water as possible. For example, our sweet pepper growers use almost 3.5x less water than their European colleagues and our cucumber growers 5x less! Energy is also sustainable. The growers make use of geothermal energy, combined heat and power (CHP) and residual heat and CO2 from the industry.

In possession of the ‘Milieukeur’ eco-label

Some of our growers have converted their efforts in the area of sustainability into the ‘Milieukeur’ eco-label certificate. This certificate serves as proof that they are making all aspects of their business operations more sustainable. Certification namely includes requirements in the area of crop protection, water and nutrients, hygiene, emissions, energy, light pollution, waste, packaging and working conditions.

First Fairtrade tomato grower

Sustainability is crossing borders. One of the entrepreneurs has established the first Fairtrade tomato business in the world in Tunisia. By investing in the local community, a valuable contribution can be made to the development of employees and their families

Preventing food waste

Wasting less food is also part of sustainable entrepreneurship. At TNI, effective Supply Chain Management facilitates maximum transparency in the chain, resulting in a match between supply and demand. The efficient, short chain ensures that fruit vegetables on shop shelves are always fresh. What is more, since the creation of Tomatoblend, our 100% pure base for soups, sauces and pastas made from tasty Dutch tomatoes, not a single tomato is wasted. Sustainable and delicious.

Social engagement

Our passion for sustainability also manifests itself in social engagement. TNI sponsors various charities, including Duchenne Parent Project, Freshriders, KWF Kankerbestrijding and Spieren voor Spieren.

If you would like to see more examples of sustainability, visit Harvest House.