TNI | Terra Natura International


The policy of Terra Natura International is aimed at complying with all legal requirements relating to quality, labour, and the environment, and at operating a socially and ethically-responsible policy towards suppliers, customers, staff, and other stakeholders.In addition,thepolicy is designed to assure product quality and food safety as a reliable partner of retailers.

By acting as the lynchpin in the chain from the grower to the end retailer TNI seeks to supply the consumer with a sustainably-produced, fresh, tasty, and healthy product.Terra Natura International understands ‘sustainably produced products’ to mean products that are produced with minimum impact on the environment and local area and products that are reliable and of sound quality.

Definition of sustainability:development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (Brundtland commission).

TNI regards its responsibility as being to promotesustainable entrepreneurship in the chain.It does this by being a sustainable partner for its customers, for example by relaying their wishes to TNI and its partners in packing and cultivation. TNI is also enthusiastic about communicating the sustainable projects of its growing partners to customers and other stakeholders.