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Grower profile: Agro Care

With a number of sites in the Netherlands, Morocco, and Tunisia, Agro Care is one of the largest and most modern tomato producers in the world. The company was founded in 1997 by Philip van Antwerpen and Kees van Veen, who met at university, merging with cultivation firm Kesgro last year after a close partnership lasting over twenty years.

Agro Care is currently managed by its enterprising growers, who have put innovation and development first. ‘No limits, no nonsense’ is the company‚Äôs motto, and its impact can be observed throughout the entire organisation. ‘At Agro Care we want to be at the head of the pack in the sector, which is why we also believe that boundaries are there to be pushed.’ The company quite literally did this by founding Desert Joy in Tunisia and beginning to grow tomatoes abroad in 2012 in order to compensate for the winter months in the Netherlands and secure a constant supply of quality products. Thanks to Desert Joy, Agro Care has become the first tomato producer to be certified by Fairtrade International. Continue reading for more about Fairtrade.