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Combining and concentrating packing activities is one of the facets of the horticulture business in which TNI’s cultivation partnerscooperate fully.

In the shape of GreenPack, Fresh Prepack, and Rainbow Kleinpak, the group has various specialized packing stations.In addition, various Harvest House growers have their own packaging companies.The combination of packing at growing locations and large-scale, specialized packing stations results in unlimited packaging options. A variety of customer requirements in terms of small packs, quantities, and repacking can be met with ready-made solutions.

GreenPack in figures

GreenPack is one of the Netherlands’ most modern packing companies.Founded for and by growers, GreenPack offers many different packaging options in order to serve all customers.

  1. Product
    • 18 million boxes
    • 58 million vine tomatoes
    • 100 million kilos of tomatoes
  1. Customer-specific packs
    • 230 million packs
    • 120 million stickers
  1. Real estate
    • 61,000 m2 land
    • 47,000 m2 buildings
    • 97 platforms
  1. Packing lines
    • 8 cherry tomato lines
    • 24 vine tomato lines
    • 1 loose tomatoes line
    • 2 cucumber lines
    • 5 sweet pepper lines
  1. Employees
    • 70 permanent employees
    • 560 seasonal employees