TNI | Terra Natura International


The growers with whom TNI works so intensively are brought together in the Harvest House cooperative.In terms of expertise, innovation, and sustainability, all these growers rank among the very best in Dutch greenhouse horticulture.

All are individually strong and they work together energetically inessential components of horticultural enterprise.Tomatoes and sweet peppers are the most important vegetables in the TNI range, complemented by cucumbers. Of the total of 344 hectares devoted to tomatoes, 270 hectares produce all yearround thanks to cultivation under artificial light. Continual product availability is further enabled through cultivation projects abroad. Harvest House growers have approximately 445 hectares under cultivation for sweet peppers. The corresponding figure for cucumbers is 12 hectares.

The Harvest House growers share a number of essential characteristics:they are leaders in the market, they are innovative, and their production methods can be described as highly sustainable.Moreover, a number of the growers are closely involved in cultivation projects abroad, including in southern Europe and northern Africa.

Tomato growers
Sweet pepper growers
Cucumber growers