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TNI | Terra Natura International


Terra Natura International (TNI) is a division of Harvest House, the cooperative of 69 salad growers with a joint land area of 900 hectares. Growing and selling therefore go hand in hand. The direct connection with the source sets TNI apart from other sales organisations.

Leading entrepreneurs, sustainable production

Without exception, Harvest House growers are the leaders in their field. They are innovative, use highly sustainable growing methods and demonstrate professionalism, including outside Dutch borders. Through cultivation projects abroad, we not only ensure year-round availability of the best products, but also contribute towards the development of the local population.
Individually we are strong, together even stronger. These are bold entrepreneurs, keen to test and then market new varieties and concepts. In this way, they ensure innovation on shop shelves jointly among themselves and with TNI.

Salads at the forefront

Salads are at the forefront of TNI’s range: tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, aubergines and chilli peppers. Most products are available throughout the year due to artificially-lit cultivation and cultivation projects abroad, including in Southern Europe and North Africa.

Tomato growers
Sweet pepper growers
Cucumber growers