TNI | Terra Natura International

Chain management

Chain management is an essential element in today’s fruit & vegetables sector. With a large number of suppliers of salads in the Netherlands alone and a limited group of major European buyers, good coordination between supply and demand is crucial.That fact was recognized by Dutch growers years ago.It prompted the founding of TNI.The close relationship between this service provider and the Harvest House growers ensures a better match between supply and demand.

Thanks to TNI, the growers literally have a seat at the top table with the major European buyers. In thispartnership, TNI acts as a lynchpin, bringing grower and retailer together.Maximum chain managementgives TNI the desired degree of control in the chain. Thanks to this partnership, the sales chain consists of various satisfied links.The end customer benefits from a varied range of sustainably grown vegetables of consistent quality year-round. Meanwhile, growers can maximize their market focusin production and establish good partnerships.