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Short News - Juli 2018

Fairtrade tomatoes available all-year round in 2019

The growing season for all our Fairtrade tomatoes from Desert Joy in Tunisia is coming to an end. Soon the growers will be planting new tomato plants. The Fairtrade tomatoes will be available again from mid-November.

The growers at our cultivation location in Agadir, Morocco, are currently already working in accordance with Fairtrade principles. They expect to grow Fairtrade tomatoes in this country from the beginning of 2019. Once this has been achieved, we will be able to offer customers Fairtrade tomatoes throughout the year.

Take a look at the new website and read more about the projects that are funded with Fairtrade proceeds. On the website you can also read about the employees of Desert Joy and, of course, everything about the delicious tomatoes they grow here. You can also watch the film that gives you a glimpse of what all goes on at Desert Joy in Tunisia.

The beauty of Monterosa

The special shape and unique pink colour give the Monterosa a striking appearance. This juicy tomato has an intense spicy aroma and yet is surprisingly sweet and fruity.
Our Harvest House grower Maurice Weijs has the exclusive right to grow these tomatoes in the Netherlands.

This year Weijs grew the Monterosa on a limited scale to test the quality, taste, and shelf life. This also allowed him to see how the demand for these Monterosa tomatoes would develop. The current buyers are positive about the product. Together, these factors determine the acreage on which Weijs will grow the Monterosa next year. In mid-November he will harvest the last tomatoes. The Monterosa tomatoes come in a wooden box with 3 kilograms of tomatoes. Consumer packaging with two tomatoes per pack is also available. If you are interested in the Monterosa tomatoes, please contact your TNI contact person.