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Rainbow Horticulture Tunisia

In view of rising demand for year-round sweet peppers cultivated to Dutch quality standards, our grower Kwekerij de Wieringermeer decided to set up a cultivation company in Tunisia in 2015, in cooperation with the Grow Group and a Tunisian partner.

The firm now grows red pointed peppers as well as red, yellow, and orange bell peppers across an area of 2.5 hectares. But with a total 15 hectares of cultivation area, there are definite options and plans for expansion over the coming years.

Harvest Specials

Products in the Harvest Specials range are something quite extraordinary. They are unique and stand out through their colour, shape, or use. These products are developed with great care and attention for anyone who is looking for a hidden gem in the vegetable aisle. Visually appealing and offering a taste sensation for a wide range of dishes.

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