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In the spotlight: year-round production

Year-round top quality salads, direct from the source. That is what Harvest House and Terra Natura International (TNI) growers are all about. This involves using artificial light in Dutch greenhouses in the winter months to help crops grow. In addition to that, we grow crops at a variety of sun-drenched locations across the world, including Portugal, Tunisia, and Morocco, where there is plenty of natural light available during our winter period. And all of this is done so we can bring our customers the tastiest, high-quality products.

Harvest House growers are real pioneers in cultivation under artificial lighting. They have been at the helm of tomato cultivation under artificial lighting and are continuously scouting for ways to improve efficiency and save energy in cultivation. They are always on the lookout for opportunities to cultivate new crops using artificial light as well. That is why we are cultivating mini and snack cucumbers under artificial light for some time now. What’s more, this season we are trialling artificially-lit cultivation of sweet peppers, available in small batches on request for the time being.
Ask your contact person about the options available.