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Grower profile: Royal Pride

Royal Pride Holland combines 50 years of experience with three generations of tomato growers. Farmers Frank van Kleef, Koert and Bart van den Ende, and their employees aspire to the motto: ‘one team, one mission’. To them, this means raising the bar just a little bit higher every day. This 52-hectare company is a trendsetter in the field of cherry vine tomato, cocktail vine tomato, and vine tomato cultivation.

Royal Pride Holland has come to exemplify excellence in the sector thanks to their exceptional sustainable growing practices as well as their exclusive tomatoes. ‘We invest heavily in energy-saving measures as well as labour-friendly and environmentally friendly production methods,’ confirms Frank van Kleef. Van Kleef is also the founder of the Planet Proof and Mileukeur eco-label certification programmes for sustainable greenhouse horticulture, which he developed together with Friends of the Earth Netherlands and other Harvest House growers.

Last week it was announced that Royal Pride’s cherry vine tomatoes had been voted the best product of the year by German consumers. This is a wonderful distinction for the product and for the company.
‘As a company, we make the choice to grow the most tasty and high-quality tomatoes, but for all the other things that are necessary to get the product to the consumer as quickly and efficiently as possible, we fully rely on our partners in the chain. So this award is also a great compliment to all employees at Greenpack, Harvest House, TNI, and Netto discount supermarkets,’ says Frank van Kleef from Royal Pride.

The crowning glory of collaboration
‘Grower Frank van Kleef of Royal Pride has been growing this type of vine tomato for Netto Zuid for about ten years. This award is not only a token of appreciation, but also the crowning glory of this long-term collaboration,’ says Yvonne Geurten, Marketing Director of Harvest House.