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Feature: Less waste, more taste

Two new companies have recently joined Harvest House: Food Fellows and Snijpunt. Food Fellows converts the residual stream of tomatoes into a high-quality product. Snijpunt specialises in processing vegetables into semi-finished products for vegetable processing companies, caterers, food service providers, and salad and ready-meal producers.

This acquisition gives Harvest House the opportunity to grow, in the near future, in the market for healthy convenience food products. By working together more intensively, Harvest House and its subsidiaries can offer their customers a wider range and new concepts with a longer shelf life. As an expert in fruit vegetables, Harvest House aims to achieve further growth by selling more processed and unprocessed products on both the retail and out-of-home markets.

Food Fellows

Food waste is currently a hot topic. At Harvest House and TNI, we are also striving to reduce waste. Food Fellows can make a contribution to this effort, as it makes products from the residual flows from the Harvest House companies. The first product of Food Fellows is the basic tomato sauce, which can be used to make pasta sauces and soups. We hope to expand the Food Fellows range even further in the future. For example, we are currently investigating whether it is possible to make crisps, juices, and other products based on tomatoes, sweet peppers, and cucumbers from our residual flows. All, of course, without the use of unnatural or unnecessary additions. More news about the products of Food Fellows will follow soon.


In May Harvest House took over the company Snijpunt. Snijpunt specialises in processing vegetables into semi-finished products for various buyers. For example, they produce the sweet pepper cubes used on the skewers for on the barbecue.

‘We are extremely pleased with this expansion and acquisition,’ says Jelte van Kammen, general director of Harvest House. ‘By setting up Food Fellows, we have taken the first step in developing processed products from our residual flow of tomatoes. With the acquisition of Snijpunt, we will be able to do the same with sweet peppers in the future. The knowledge and experience Snijpunt contributes will allow us to develop more quickly in the field of processed products. We are getting our company ready for the increasing demand for healthy convenience products.’